Reasons to Research with Kindle Unlimited

Access to Kindle Unlimited is enough to make any book-fiend feel like a kid in a candy store. There are many good reasons why writers should get their books featured on the Kindle Unlimited platform, but there are also great reasons why it’s a good idea for authors to experience the other end of the platform where they get access to the Kindle Unlimited library themselves.

If you want to be a good writer, you have to read. It’s one of the first and most basic rules of the art. Signing up to Kindle Unlimited could help to make you a better writer if you know how to use it.

Here are a few excellent reasons to research using Kindle Unlimited.

1. It’s Cheap

It costs just $9.99 per month to sign up to the Kindle Unlimited platform as a subscriber. This makes it a lot cheaper than other services that claim to give you the same access, but charge you more than double for what ends up being less. Kindle Unlimited won’t even make a dent in your monthly expenses as a professional writer (and costs less than what most writers pay in coffee per week), so you don’t lose anything by signing up.

2. It’s Premium Access

Reading more (and reading books from writers you’re still getting to know) is one way to keep your own writing fresh. Kindle Unlimited offers you premium access to a wide variety of different books with more of them being added to the platform on a (very) regular basis. This is great if you want to know what books to read next without the need to sign up to your local book club.

If you can imagine a topic and a genre, you can find a book about it on Kindle Unlimited. It’s larger than you remember the average real-life library the last time you were in one – and that’s a huge and increasing variety of books.

3. Public Domain Texts Included in the Deal

Public domain books describe books for which the copyright has expired – usually due to the author’s death and copyright lapses over time. Many of these books are classics, and for literature and philosophy students (among other directions) they can be essential for reference.

Many classics can be hard to track down. Several hundred are available and listed on the Kindle Unlimited platform if you need any of them in a hurry.

4. Immediate Access to Reference Books

Fiction isn’t made up out of just fiction: A lot of fiction also contains facts or the story just wouldn’t work. Sometimes you have to know things like what a certain type of poison would do – or how a certain type of bullet would shatter through glass. Fiction is filled with little technical details, and these details have to be accurate if you want your story to work well on paper.

Most writers (eventually) know that effective writing takes a lot of research to pull off. Much of this research takes a lot of digging to find, and many times you have to resort to reading reference books back to front for you to get to know a topic well enough to write about it.

One of the great things about Kindle Unlimited is the fact that it works well for research – and has plenty of reference books that can keep any writer busy. It might even spark an idea.

5. Cross-Platform Access

In spite of the name, Kindle Unlimited isn’t only accessible from a Kindle. You can also access it from mobile, the app or from the website. This is one of the things that helps to make it worth your while: There’s no need to charge your Kindle (or rush out and buy one) if you just need to look something up.