Should You Use Kindle Cloud Reader?

Kindle Cloud Reader was first introduced by Amazon Services in 2011, although a lot of writers and readers have only heard about it recently: If you aren’t sure exactly what it is yet, it’s a way to read books that you’ve purchased on the Amazon marketplace from anywhere – right in your browser.

Should you be using Kindle Cloud Reader? There are plenty of good reasons why the answer to this question is yes.

Kindle Cloud Reader can open up a whole new world of being able to access your library from anywhere, whether you’re waiting in line at the grocery store or whether you’re Robert Langdon about to save the world if you can only figure out the answer to this puzzle in an obscure book somewhere.

Here are a few good reasons why you should be using Kindle Cloud Reader.

Kindle Cloud Reader Can Be Accessed from Literally Anywhere

The library that comes with Kindle Cloud Reader is your own Amazon library. All the books you’ve purchased in the marketplace will appear here – and you can access it from any browser-capable device. (Theoretically this means that you can read an e-book on a smart fridge, too, and this is surprisingly useful while you’re busy cooking and need to refer back to a recipe.)

The same way, you can also view your Kindle Cloud Reader library from an internet cafe, a smartphone, a PC at home or a library’s public computer. Anywhere you can log in, you’ll have immediate access.

For any writer on the move, this is undeniably useful.

Kindle Cloud Reader is Included in Your Amazon Services Package

One of the great things about Kindle Cloud Reader is the fact that you don’t have to pay for it separately. If you’re already signed up to Amazon and you’ve bought a few books, you have access to the Kindle Cloud Reader service – and you can access it by adding “.read” to the Amazon domain.

All of the books you’ve bought through your US-based domain will be on your .com Amazon account: If you have bought any other books on a local other version of Amazon (like .it), you’ll have to log into the separate domain to access this appropriate Kindle list.

Kindle Cloud Reader Storage Has Unlimited Space for Books

Kindle Cloud Reader allows you to access any e-book that you’ve purchased. If you’ve bought ten books, you’ll find them there – and if you’ve bought a hundred books, you’ll still find them in the same place. A lot of platforms will lend out e-books on a “lease agreement” of sorts instead – and you’ll only get to read the book for a limited amount of times even though you’ve paid for it.

Kindle Cloud Reader isn’t restrictive in any way. It’s another reason why writers are encouraged to use it.

The Kindle Cloud is Safe

Data remains protected within the Kindle services cloud – and you can be assured of this. While someone might still break into your library and walk off with half your books (or you could lose some of them in a house fire, for example).

All of your books listed on the Kindle Cloud Reader platform will stay there: And they stay safe.

You have this guarantee because of the fact that the Kindle Cloud Reader platform is completely safe and secure from any prying eyes and damage: It uses the protection that comes with the overall Amazon label – and speaking in general, the majority of services by Amazon are protected by some of the best cybersecurity in the world.

Amazon servers are so secure that they even provide the security to other online services: Bet you didn’t know that.