10 Best Companies to Teach English as a Second Language and Make Money

The Covid-19 pandemic has shown us the other side of life and a painful reality; unemployment is real and can affect everyone. Hence, you might be among the many who are jobless and looking for something to do, or you may need a side hustle to bring in a bit more cash, especially as inflation hits our wallets hard. Have you thought about teaching English? 

It’s such a real deal, especially now that the need for teachers of English keeps growing. And with the best companies like those covered in this article, you will be in for some reliable income. So hook up with any of these and enjoy teaching your language of choice. Be sure to figure out how to determine what you’re worth in the process.

1.    Skooli

Skooli is at the top of the best English-teaching companies and seeks individuals passionate about educating people and combines that passion with work to help people earn money. With this company, you meet students from all over the world and belong to different education levels, including middle and high schools and universities.

Besides, it allows excellent flexibility, mainly because you teach online while operating from home. However, to teach in Skooli, you must have a bachelor’s degree in English or related fields. What’s more, the company allows even retired or former teachers of English to teach part and full-time to earn income.


Suppose you have experience teaching English and are from the United States and Canada. In that case, VIPKID is the right online learning platform for you to sign up with and get part and full-time work gigs. The company requires teachers to instruct students of various education levels for 30minutes in private settings. 

Still, the tutors must commit to a six-month contract after being hired. While working with VIPKID, you must make your background color, wear an orange t-shirt, and use a headset and microphone. It is, in fact, one of the highest paying companies, with its instructors earning $15- $22 per hour.

3.   Qkids

Qkids is another excellent platform for teaching English as a second language and earning cash. Unlike most learning platforms out there, Qkids allows instructors to handle one to four students at a time and from various locations. However, it slightly lowers your earning potential, granting you $16- $18 per hour. Once you sign up with Qkids and are fortunate enough to be hired, you will be using materials prepared for you and will need to teach for a minimum of 12 classes a week.

4.   DaDa

For anyone in love with routine and money, DaDa is the right platform for teaching English as a second language, especially to Chinese students who are anywhere between kindergarten and grade 9. To get the highest pay, prepare for your interview and nail it, specifically with your Total Physical Response (TPR). 

The payments range from $15 to $25, and the highest TPR scores mean the most significant gigs for you. Besides, for you to work with DaDa, you need not be from the United States, making it one of the best platforms. All you need to do is provide at least two teaching hours and days a week, and you will have your student(s) whom you teach for half an hour for a lesson.

5.   Palfish

This is yet another excellent app for those who love teaching Chinese audiences. The company has an app through which the instructors connect with young Chinese students and help them learn English as a second language. Working with Palfish has many advantages, including having the option to plan your lessons. 

However, it also has its disadvantages, such as marketing yourself by teaching free trial lessons. If the students like your way of teaching, they will subscribe to your package. The paying potentials are slightly high, ranging from $18 to $22.

6.   iTutorGroup

Are you looking for money? Are you interested in teaching Taiwanese children and adults English? Then, create an account with iTutorGroup today and start earning that will not harm your pocket but make your life more comfortable. 

This is one of the highest-paying learning platforms, giving its instructors $18-$24 per hour, depending on your experience. Besides, the company offers its instructors bonuses, depending on how many students one has and their feedback.

7.    EF English First

Although EF English First is popularly known for having numerous classrooms worldwide, it has expanded and allows instructors to teach English online. The company has a good reputation, hence the rigorous interview it has. To stand a chance earning as much as $19 per hour the company offers, be prepared for the discussion and nail it perfectly. 

8.   GogoKid

Are you from Canada or the United States and the environs passionate about teaching English as a second language? Then, you know what to do; create an account with GogoKid and be sure to earn $14-$25 per hour. With this company, you will be handling Chinese kids, especially those in kindergarten to grade 6. Teaching with GogoKid is all fun, and the money does not harm your pocket either.

9.   iTALKI

If you are not from the UK, US, and Canada and would like to teach the English language and earn a decent income, why not try iTALKI? This is a learning platform with diverse students from all over the world, including Russia, Brazil, and China. 

When hired by the company, you work online as a tutor (requires no certification) or a professional teacher (requires TEFL certification). Besides, you will be earning $13 – $19, and the company will be taking 15% of every payment.

10.                 Whales English

Whales English is the right platform for exploring some of the best payment potentials and bonuses as cherries on top. The company allows instructors to teach for 50minutes instead of the typical one hour. You can earn as much as $26 for this. 

Besides, the platform provides community support and additional professional advice, making it among the best companies. On this platform, parents say it all and select teachers for their kids, nail it, and make the best first impression.

The Bottom Line 

Teaching English as a second language is one of the many ways of earning part and full-time in the Covid-19-stricken world. And with the best companies like Qkids, VIPKID, Whales English, DaDa, and Skooli, you are on the right track. Besides, you can earn as much as $26 per hour and plan your calendar according to your engagements. 

Rose Rosie is a writer for the personal finance website, Joy Wallet, which provides readers with useful information, resources, and tools to help maximize their financial fitness.