Why You’re Not Ready To Query Until You Read Your Novel Through the Eyes of a Literary Agent

Literary agents frequently reject great manuscripts for all sorts of reasons. Those reasons could be personal to the agent you’re querying — they’re already overloaded with work and don’t think they can take you on, your writing voice simply doesn’t resonate with them, or they strongly dislike your protagonist. Your manuscript could just as easily … Read more

Should You Use Kindle Cloud Reader?

Kindle Cloud Reader was first introduced by Amazon Services in 2011, although a lot of writers and readers have only heard about it recently: If you aren’t sure exactly what it is yet, it’s a way to read books that you’ve purchased on the Amazon marketplace from anywhere – right in your browser. Should you … Read more

Reasons to Research with Kindle Unlimited

Access to Kindle Unlimited is enough to make any book-fiend feel like a kid in a candy store. There are many good reasons why writers should get their books featured on the Kindle Unlimited platform, but there are also great reasons why it’s a good idea for authors to experience the other end of the … Read more

7 Things You Can Use a Fantasy Name Generator For

What’s in a name? For fiction writers who have to invent their story from the ground up (or from the page down) a name can mean everything – and fiction can include names for characters, places, stores and brands in your story. That can take a lot of thinking when it’s done the old fashioned … Read more