Should You Use Kindle Cloud Reader?

Kindle Cloud Reader was first introduced by Amazon Services in 2011, although a lot of writers and readers have only heard about it recently: If you aren’t sure exactly what it is yet, it’s a way to read books that you’ve purchased on the Amazon marketplace from anywhere – right in your browser. Should you … Read more

Reasons to Research with Kindle Unlimited

Access to Kindle Unlimited is enough to make any book-fiend feel like a kid in a candy store. There are many good reasons why writers should get their books featured on the Kindle Unlimited platform, but there are also great reasons why it’s a good idea for authors to experience the other end of the … Read more

7 Things You Can Use a Fantasy Name Generator For

What’s in a name? For fiction writers who have to invent their story from the ground up (or from the page down) a name can mean everything – and fiction can include names for characters, places, stores and brands in your story. That can take a lot of thinking when it’s done the old fashioned … Read more